Ten questions to: Doug Rose!

In ‘Ten questions to …’, players from Cairox Hijs Hokij answer ten questions. With this section we want to introduce the fans to the players and staff of Cairox Hijs Hokij. In this second edition we ask defender Doug Rose!

Question 1: What do you do in daily life?

In daily life away from the ice rink I love comedy. Watching stand up, funny movies and making others laugh. I also enjoy doing photography and creating the world-famous Doug Rose world traveler episodes. In the off season, I like to go hiking and fishing.

Question 2: How did you come into contact with ice hockey?

I came into contact with hockey when I was around 3 or 4 years old. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, my father was a big Flyers fan. We would watch the games together and eventually he got me my first stick and net. The rest is history from there.

Question 3: What is your best ice hockey moment so far?

I’ve been fortunate to play for some incredible clubs in great cities and countries. Signing my first professional contract with the Macon Mayhem was exciting however winning the National Championship in junior hockey in Fairbanks Alaska in front of a packed arena was something special that you never forget.

Question 4: Why do you play with number #70?

When I was playing inline hockey around 5 years old they just gave us t-shirts with numbers on the back and I got 70. Scored my first goal a couple days later and it stuck with me.

Question 5: What does an average match day look like for you?

An average match day is waking up and making breakfast with a coffee. Then another coffee. Then listen to the Howard Stern show for a bit while I make lunch with some coffee. Then, I tell Brett (Magnus red.) that he is my favorite player, so he has some confidence going into the match. I tell him this over a cup of coffee. Mainly my day consists of coffee.

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Question 6: What do you like best about the Club?

There are so many positives about the club from the fan base to living in the city but this team is full of great people. The teammates made coming to a foreign country extremely easy. They as well as their families have been welcoming from the start and are all just good people.

Question 7: Which tip do you have for the youth of Hijs Hokij?

Listen to Marijn! He knows what he is talking about! Work hard and enjoy playing every chance that you can. It goes by fast!

Question 8: You switched to Cairox Hijs Hokij last summer, do you not regret your choice?

Not at all. It was hard leaving a great organization like Knoxville and seeing many teammates returning next season, however when you are not sure how long you will be playing the game you want to get some life experiences outside of hockey. Playing overseas was a goal of mine from my days of juniors so I am glad I jumped at the chance.

Question 9: What are you most proud of?

Being able to grow a better than average beard and getting compliments from other players

Question 10: “I admire …”

Brent Burns, big defenseman that can do it all. God that must be nice.

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